The Buttons at the Bottom of the Screen

Communicate:  Click on the button to talk to other people.  

Local Chat is so everyone can here.  IM's are instant messages to individuals or groups.

Fly:  Enables you to fly.  On a PC these are the Page Up and Page Down buttons.  On a computer without these buttons, use the fn up and down arrows to fly.

Snapshot:  Take a picture to your desktop or email to someone.

Search:  This enables you to search for Classifieds, Events, Popular Places, Land Sales, Places, People and Groups.  

Build:  Enables you to build things.  Everything you see on SL has been built by the residents.  

Mini-Map is a small map of the region.  If this is brown, it means that you are not logged in, even though it appears that you are.  The mini-map shows the amount of people in the area that you are in.

Map:  This where you can search for different regions, see how many people are there and teleport. Inventory:  This is where you file all things you own.  

Preset folders are:  Animations, Body Parts, Calling Cards, Clothing, Gestures, Landmarks, Lost and Found, Notecards, Objects, Photo Album, Scrips, Sounds, Textures, Trash and Library.  The Library folder is your original folder of all things you receive when you being Second Life.  You can add folders and place folders within folders.  You need to be diligent about filing your things so that it is easy to find things.


Sue Gregory