Explore the site to learn more about virtual classrooms, virtual worlds, Second Life and Associate Professor Sue Gregory (aka Jass Easterman) and her work in virtual worlds. Sue Gregory is a long term adult educator and an Associate Professor in ICT (Information Communication Technolgy) in the School of Education, University of New England, Armidale, Australia. She is the Head of School of Education and Chair of the Australian and New Zealand Virtual Worlds Working Group. She is responsible for training pre-service and postgraduate education students on how to incorporate technology into their teaching. Since 2007 Sue has been researching Second Life with her students with respect to the various learning opportunities that virtual worlds provide and has been involved in many projects on the efficacy of virtual worlds. 

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A journey through Second Life by Jass Easterman

Learning how to "live" in a virtual world. Absorbing information. Setting up an Educational venue.

What is a virtual world?  
A virtual world is "an online electronic presence that imitates real life in the form of a personal presence through someone's avatar (the alter ego which is a graphical representation of themself in the virtual world)". © Sue Gregory

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