How to Use Second Life (SL)  
How to move once you are in Second Life
There are four main ways of moving around:
  1. walking - use the arrow keys to make your avatar move in different directions
  2. flying - (this is the quick way to get from one location to another in the same area). You can do this by clicking on the fly button on the bottom of the screen, but it is probably better to use the Page Up button to fly and Page Down button to come down to the ground. Sometimes you will have a crash landing or fall off something, but you will always get up again.
  3. teleporting - moving to another location. If there is a teleporter to go to another location either nearby or to another sim, right mouse click on the teleporter and choose teleport. The screen will go black and you will eventually come into the next location. To teleport to a landmark that you have in your inventory and click on the teleport button. To teleport to a searched for place (from the search button at the bottom of the screen), click on the word teleport and you will be moved there.
Sue Gregory