Working with Notecards

Notecards are like a word processed document that you can hand to an individual that contains information.

How to make a notecard:Open your inventory

- Click on "create" in the dropdown menu of your inventory

- The notecard opens and you click into it and start writing

- Click the "save" button once you are finished with writing

- It is recommended to click that "save" button once in a while when you write a longer letter

- Close the notecard (hit the X in the up right corner)

- Look in your inventory for the card called "new note" which you usually find in the recent items tab in the "notecards" folder

- Right click the card and select rename

- Type in a name which you assosiate with the card you just made so you find it again when you need it


How to put pictures, other notecards or a landmark into a notecard:

- Open the notecard you want to fill with pics/cards

- Open your inventory and look for the pic/card you want

- Right click that card/pic and select properties

- Look for the words "next owner can:" and check all boxes under that sentence, so owner can copy, modify and resell/give away

- Drag the pic/card into the notecard and drop it in a place where you want it


How to send a notecard to a person:

- Open the person's profile

- Open your inventory

- Drag the card from your inventory on the person's profile


Simply drag the notecard from your folder onto the person (if they are nearby)


Important hints:

- You can uncheck the box "next owner can modify" in the properties of a notecard which disallows the next owner to change your card

- If you disallow copy or resell functions, the next owner will not be able to view the card anymore.

- Changing notecards is different from changing other objects. if you grant your friend modify rights on your objects then this does not include notecards.


Sue Gregory