How to Use Second Life (SL)  
Common Second Life (SL) terminology (slang)
SLSecond Life
RLReal Life
inworldin Second Life
simarea of land (island) where you are
primsthe amount of items you are allowed on the land
moving from one location to the next quickly - usually not on the same sim (land), but can be to go up or down in the one location too (such as different floors of a house or a skyhouse - house in the sky)
teleporterRight mouse click on the object to teleport to another location
landmarkthese are Second Life URL's - a landmark of locations that has a hyperlink to enable easy teleporting
Linden Dollars (L$)Second Life currency - this is real money that can be cashed in
rezthe name for the view coming into focus
:)smiles, happy
:(sad, unhappy
IMinstant message
lollaugh out loud
ROFWLroll on floor with laughter (laughs a lot)
npno problem
ywyou're welcome
WTFwhat the f....
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