How to Use Second Life (SL)  
Joining Groups - becoming members of online communities
Online communities are formed through Groups. You can be invited to become a member of a group or choose to join one. You are allowed a maximum of 25 groups. Groups enable members to easily communicate with each other through the group chat (see communications page on how to do this).

To see what groups you are a member of, go to the Edit Menu and down to Groups. There you will see a list of groups. To begin chatting to people in a group, click on the group's name and then choose IM and the message will be displayed to all members of the group. The group's chat will come up in another tab in the communications window.

You may wish to change your group tag (that is the name you see above someone's head other than their name). That is the active group. Sometimes you have to make the group active to be able to do certain things such as completing an inworld survey. To activate your group, on the group page, click on the group that you want to activate and then selecte the Activite button on the right.
Sue Gregory