Educational sessions held in Second Life  
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Education Online

Second Life Educational Resources 

and Dingo Ball with Southern Cross University 

(and, of course, the promised, shopping

and learning how to unpack our goodies)

Met at  Second Life Classroom and Playground 

Jass Jass

  Introduction to Second Life Educational Resources, Collabortion and Shopping  
  Third Session held in August 2010    
  We all met at SL Classroom for some discussions Discussing the virtues of sychronous elearning tools  
  Deep in discussion Valuable discussions taking place  
  Time to move on and see what SL has to offer The discover of another conference area - Southern Cross University students and their lecturer join us  
We look and try some of the educational tools Time to try Dingo Ball - yellow and red teams were allocated, goal nets were created
And, the challenge is onRunning to intercept the ball
Woops - the ball has gone out of boundsBringing the ball back - this is really testing our coordination
A goal - well done yellow teamAlways time for shopping
Looking at the vaste amount of things on offer (most of it free)Looking for planets
And, Saturn was foundNeeded to unpack our purchases
And I thought they wanted clothes - but no, hot air balloonsand, cows???

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