Some tips on keeping Inventory organised  

Staying on top of your inventory to prevent insanity is difficult.  However, perhaps these tips can assist:

- Make a FREEBIE folder (open your Inventory, click the Inventory menu's Create> New Folder) for all your freebies.  Most of these items you'll eventually discard.  Move the gems to other folders as appropriate.

- Make back-ups.  If your purchases allow COPY, then keep back-ups BEFORE you modify, wear or do anything with the item.  Create a folder in an item's directory and label it "Orig" or "Original", and place a copy (right click the item and Copy, then right click the Orig folder and Paste) of the item in that folder.  If you need another copy of the same item because you mangled it while editing it, copy and paste from the Original folder into the main folder.

- Landmark (LM) any place that you find appealing (it's really annoying when you can't remember where that really great place was that you want to show a colleague).  Edit the name (right click the Landmark and Rename) to something that will help you keep LMs organized (i.e. preface a LM's name with "clothes", "shapes", "skins", etc.).  Make extra folders within the Landmark folder and place the Landmarks in the appropriate folder.  You may have a folder for Education, Fun, Camping, Freebies.

- Create more folders in your clothing folder, naming them appropriately, such as pants, tops, coats, shoes, underwear, jackets, skirts, dresses (if female), T-shirts, accessories.  This makes finding the "right" piece of clothing easier.

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